Surf and Yoga weekends in Cádiz


Surf, Phoenician style

It’s the oldest city in Europe, and just a few hours from London

For a unique weekend that none of your team will ever forget, come surfing with us by the oldest inhabited city in Western Europe.

We grew up leaning to surf in these waters and we know them as well as anyone. Even the local fishermen who’ll be catching your supper!

Nestled up on the southern most tip of Europe, just 2.5 hours flying time from London, Cádiz offers mile after mile of uninterrupted white sands and near perfect swell for beginners and intermediate level surf.

In the distance, the peaks of Africa’s Atlas Mountains are clearly visible, with Morrocco a mere 8 miles from the shore at its nearest point.

The afternoons and evenings provide ample time to explore the city and enjoy some of the very best seafood in Spain (which is saying something, right?).

Evenings here stretch well into the early hours, thanks to a bar and tapa culture that makes it quite hard to get to bed. Just remember we’re getting you up early!

It’s ideally located with Jerez International Aiport just 30 minutes away by transfer. It’s also easily accessed from Lisbon, Seville and Malaga.


Accommodation and facilities

We work with a number of local hotels and tour operators and can arrange accommodation and transfers for all party sizes. Just talk to us about numbers and budgets and we’ll put forward a range of suitable options for you.

We can also arrange workshop facilities, for those of you looking to take advantage of the inspirational setting.

Alternatively, we’ll just get a bonfire going on the beach and organise some cold beers and a whiteboard (much more fun!).

As mentioned, there are no shortages when it comes to evening dining, whether you want a guided tour of the best tapas bars or something a little more formal – absolutely everything can be crafted around your requirements.

A little bit about Cádiz itself  

  • It was founded by the Phoenicians over 3000 years ago – we derive words like phone, phonetic and phono (even SONOS) from their rather clever alphabet.

  • The Romans called it Gaditano – a name locals still use to describe themselves

  • The Moors renamed it Qādis – from which Cádiz derives its name

  • Columbus set of from nearby to discover America – you can see trees in Cádiz’s central gardens that are said to have been brought back from the New World by Columbus himself

  • It was the setting for the Battle of Trafalgar, probably one of the key events in history when it comes to the evolution of world trade

  • The Carnival de Cádiz is the one of the oldest carnivals in Europe and Spain’s best kept secrets – it takes place each February and its one hell-of-a-party!